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Wellington to Sydney (Qantas Business Class)

December 7, 2016

When Jeremy and I booked our tickets to Sweden, we managed to find a deal that we simply couldn’t resist. This was to fly Business Class all the way from New Zealand to Sweden. Jeremy is a legend when it comes to finding deals like that, and I don’t know how he does it.

This morning, we woke up at 3:00am. That was rough. We gathered all our stuff and got ready to leave at 3:45am with a shuttle we had completely booked for ourselves. As we had 8 boxes and bags in total (6 check-in and 2 hand luggage), we thought it might be best that we take the shuttle by ourselves as others may have struggled to fit their luggage.


We got to the airport and went to the Qantas lounge. I immediately went to have a shower, as I didn’t have time to do so before I left Kitty’s place. The shower was quite nice. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash was provided.

I felt so much better afterwards, but due to the time it took, I only had about 10 minutes to eat my breakfast. Jeremy reminded me that it didn’t really matter, as we’d get breakfast on the plane as well.

Qantas lounge
Qantas lounge
Qantas lounge
Breakfast buffet
Bacon and eggs

The business class seats were really nice. We didn’t expect much of them seeing as it was just a short trip between New Zealand and Australia, so we were pretty happy. We were offered champagne once we sat down, which I said no to, seeing as it was 6:00am – that’s a bit early for me to enjoy alcoholic beverages! We grabbed orange juice instead.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Once we had taken off it was time for the breakfast service. As always, there was turbulence during the service (what is up with turbulence always happening during service? Do they intentionally plan it like that to make sure people are sitting down or something?) I thought it would just be a little turbulence that would pass, but it turned out to be quite a shaky flight, to the point where the pilot asked the crew to stop the service and sit down.

You know the turbulence must be quite intense if the crew has to sit down. And it was. It was really awkward too, because they had just filled up our water and tea, so they were splashing everywhere. I literally had to scull it down as fast as I could to avoid getting it all over me.


Once the turbulence was over, the rest of the flight was reasonably smooth. I managed to rest a little bit, but it was far from enough to make up for the lack of sleep I had during the night. Not much I could do about it though, as we knew we were going to spend a full day in Sydney and there was no time for rest.

Now we’re sitting in the Sydney Qantas lounge, waiting for our flight to Tokyo. We’re quite early, and won’t be boarding until about 1,5 hours from now. But that gives us some time to sit down and relax after walking around in shopping malls all day. I’m going to pop over and get some food, and you’ll hear from me again soon.

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