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London to Stockholm (British Airways Business Class)

December 10, 2016

Yesterday morning, it was finally time for us to take the final flight to Sweden. I was super excited – tired, but excited. We woke up at about 4AM so that we had enough time to get ready and head to the airport, which was just around the corner.

We only had about 5 minutes in the lounge before our plane was boarding, but we managed to eat a couple of bread rolls and have some water.

Then we had to run to the flight, as we realised they hadn’t called it out, and it said the flight was closing. Luckily, there were quite a few others who did the same. I suppose they don’t have the ability to call out all flights at an airport that big.

The plane was a lot smaller than the other ones we had been on, which is fair enough seeing as the journey is only 2 hours long. The business class seats were a bit strange. They were normal seats where they had just put a tray on the middle seat so that no one could sit there. I felt it was a bit of a waste of space to be honest. It would probably have been better to just let someone sit there.

We got food on the plane, and had a choice of cooked breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomato etc), continental breakfast (muesli, cereal etc), or a ham and cheese sandwich. I’m assuming the last option would have been to cater for the Swedish passengers. We do love our sandwiches. I went for the cooked breakfast though, seeing as I’m used to it, and I’ll have plenty of Swedish breakfast in Sweden.

When we arrived at Arlanda, we were hoping that all our luggage was OK and that nothing had been left behind. When the bags and boxes came out on the baggage carousel, we immediately noticed that one of the boxes had cracked on the side and my stomach dropped.

Luckily, it seems like there was mostly clothing on that side of the box, and the things had been held in pretty well still. We’re still not quite sure if we’ve lost anything, but if we have, I’m hoping it wasn’t anything important.

My dad and my step-brother met us at the airport, and dad cried a tiny bit. He says he didn’t, but I saw it, haha. The weather was quite nice when we arrived, not too cold. I think it was about 7 degrees, and the sun was out. No snow. Could have been worse. Of course it still felt a bit cold, seeing as we came from summer, but I didn’t mind it so much. Rumour has it, snow might not be too far away. We’ll see what happens I suppose.

From the airport, we went to the Apple Store in Täby Centrum so that Jeremy could send his watch away for replacement. Let’s not talk about the service we received there. Let’s just say it wasn’t of NZ standard. When you’ve worked in customer service for over 6 years, you really pick up on bad service. I will most certainly not do the same job here in Sweden as I did in New Zealand. The mall looked pretty Christmassy though!

Then we drove straight home and mum met me at the door with lots of hugs and many tears. She’s a lot like me and she can’t hold her emotions in. It was really nice to see them again. Three years is a long time to spend away from your family. Dad and his fiancee came over a bit later for a bit of a chat, and then my brother came to visit as well. I was quite exhausted, but managed to stay up for longer than I thought I would.

It gets dark in Sweden at around 3PM at this time of the year. Jeremy absolutely hates it, and I do agree with him that it messes with your brain and body a bit, because it feels like it’s much later than what it actually is. But at the same time, I really don’t mind. I mind it more when I’m jet lagged, but once we get used to the timezone, I think I’ll be absolutely fine. It’s actually quite cosy.

We’ve had a night’s sleep (well, interrupted sleep due to the jet lag), and now we’re having breakfast and will be getting ready to go to the super market to do some shopping. Going to be exciting to see all the food I’ve missed out on while I’ve been away!

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