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Crazy how a place can change in three years

December 15, 2016

Jeremy and I went downtown yesterday to have a bit of a look. The last time I was home in Sweden was 2013, and it’s actually unbelievable how much has changed since then. Shops have closed, new ones have opened, some have moved to a different building and there are new roads everywhere.

But other than that, it’s still the same old town I remember, and I can’t help but love it. I have no idea why I used to hate it so much as a teenager. I guess I felt a bit stuck.

There are lots of Christmas decorations all over town. Really pretty, and I’m starting to feel festive. I may or may not have bought an ugly Christmas sweater the other day. Well, I don’t think it’s ugly, but that’s how it was advertised! That will definitely come out on Christmas Eve. (That’s right, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve over here!)

Jeremy and I spotted this new cafe downtown that looked super popular, so we decided to have a fika. We had a coffee each, I had a chocolate ball, and Jeremy and a gingerbread muffin. That came to 137 kr! That’s over $22 (NZD). Just a tad expensive, but I guess we’ll have to get used to those types of prices.

We’re just having breakfast and then we’re getting ready to go to Stockholm where we’ll spend the night. Going to see Above & Beyond tonight and do some general shopping up there. We’ll visit some Asian food stores to see if we can find a few ingredients to make Asian dishes over here. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

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