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Jeremy has gone to London

January 3, 2017

It’s a sad day today. We went to the airport earlier this morning to see Jeremy off. I miss him already. I know, I’m pathetic, it’s only been a few hours, but that’s how it is when you love someone. It’s just not the same when he’s not around.

For those that don’t know, Jeremy has applied for Swedish residency, and when he did so back in January 2016, we weren’t expecting there to be any problems having it approved before our move to Sweden in December. However, due to the immigration crisis over here, the processing times are outrageous, which means that we’re still waiting for a decision.

This is why Jeremy has had to leave the country, as he can’t be in the country when they make a decision. He’s going to be in London for roughly 10 days, and we’re really hoping that we’ll be able to get a decision within that time. However, there is no way we’re able to know. If he doesn’t get a decision soon, he’ll have to travel all the way back to New Zealand to wait it out there. That would be so depressing. For me at least, he probably wouldn’t mind going back to summer for a while.

I contacted the immigration office this morning to ask them if they can give us any sort of time frame so that we can plan around it, but unfortunately they can’t give us any information. The positive thing is that we’ve been assigned a case officer. The negative part is that she isn’t the one who will make the decision, she’ll have to pass it to someone else to make the call.

She mentioned that from here, it could take anything from a week to a few months. I’m really, really hoping for the week, but the chances aren’t very high.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us (or hold your thumb if you’re Swedish) that we’ll get a decision soon!

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