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A bit of trivia about Sweden

January 4, 2017

Today is National Trivia Day. I looked up fun observances online the other day and found quite a few that I might try to write posts about. You know, just because.

As I’ve just recently moved back to Sweden, I thought I could share a bit of trivia about this beautiful country in the north. Maybe you already know them, maybe you don’t!

Sweden invented the three-point seatbelt

The Swedish three-point seatbelt is claimed to have saved 1 million lives. It was launched by Volvo in 1959 and is found in 1 billion vehicles worldwide. I didn’t actually know this until quite recently, but it’s pretty cool!

9% of Sweden is made up of lakes

This is something I didn’t really think about when growing up here, but now when I look at a map of Sweden, the lakes are all I can see. They’re everywhere! Just look at this little screen shot of a tiny part of Sweden, around the area where I live

Sweden was the first country to ban smacking children

Growing up, I never really knew that it would be allowed anywhere, I thought it was just one of those things that happened when my parents were kids, and would since have been banned everywhere else. But that is not the case obviously. For example, New Zealand only recently changed their laws around it. Sweden banned it in 1979.

Sweden shares a golf course with Finland

Half the holes are in Sweden, and the rest in Finland. That’s pretty cool! I mean, I don’t play golf, but it would be pretty awesome to be able to smack a golf ball to another country and time zone.

Swedish wasn’t made the official language of Sweden until 2009

I definitely didn’t know this, and was pretty doubtful when I first saw the fact, so I had to look it up. Turns out it’s true! The other minority official languages of Sweden are Finnish, all Sami dialects, Torne Valley Finnish (Meänkieli), Romani, and Yiddish.

Sweden’s official Twitter account is managed by random people

I actually think this is pretty cool. Every week, the Twitter account @Sweden is managed by a different person, a random citizen. I kind of feel I need to follow it now to see what actually gets said. What if it’s given to someone who decides to be a dick and write terrible things?

Swedish blood donors get a notification when the blood is used

This is super cool. If you donate blood and your blood is used to safe a life, they’ll let you know by sending you a text. How awesome is that! That would totally make your day. I’ve never donated blood before, but that is definitely something that makes me think I might sometime soon.


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  • Olga B.

    I love the fact about blood donation! That should be done EVERYWHERE!!!!!

    January 19, 2017 at 3:01 am Reply
    • Sophie

      I know right! Super cool!

      January 21, 2017 at 12:32 pm Reply

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