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    28th birthday dinner at Dragonfly

    October 9, 2016

    I was meant to put this post up ages ago, but I’ve had some issues with my blog that have taken forever to sort out. They’re not sorted yet either, but I’ll try to continue to post in the meantime. The Friday of my birthday week, my friends and I went out for dinner. I had booked a table at Dragonfly, which is an Asian restaurant in Wellington.

    When I arrived just before 8pm our table wasn’t quite ready, so we popped out to the back and had some drinks at the bar. I wasn’t too bothered having to wait for the table for a bit, because it gave me a chance to have a chat to some friends. It can be a bit difficult to socialise with everyone once you sit down at the table, especially if it’s a large group. We ended up with 15 people, which I thought was a pretty good size!

    We had their set menu, as they unfortunately wouldn’t allow us to order individually because of the size of the group, but the food was still pretty good! I was a bit worried there wouldn’t be enough food, but there was actually a bit left over when we had finished.

    Bobbi and Me Kitty Felise and Andrew Alison and Dan Andrew and Me

    The restaurant staff were nice enough to switch out one of the dishes for a friend of mine who’s vegetarian. I was worried he would be left with nothing to eat, so that was pretty nice of them. It didn’t change the price for anyone else paying for the set menu, so that was all good.

    This is what was on the set menu:

    Pork and Chive Dumplings
    w ginger infused rice vinegar and soy sauce

    Takoyaki Octopus Balls
    w Japanese BBQ sauce, mayo, roasted nori and bonito flakes

    Eggplant Salad
    w candied cashew nuts, mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes, palm sugar, roasted chilli paste and fresh lime juice

    Wok Tossed Noodles
    Marinated char grilled prawns w wok tossed fresh noodles, Chinese sausage, gai lan, chilli and XO sauce

    Lemongrass Chicken
    w shitake mushroom, potato, beans with green tea, dried chilli, puffed rice, palm sugar – soy caramel and kaffir lime leaf

    Salmon 2 Ways
    Char grilled salmon fillet on a hot and sour green tea smoked salad, Vietnamese mint, green banana, chilli, lime and roasted rice

    James, Me and Pat Bobbi, Kitty and Me Mel, Me, Colin and Chirag Jeremy and Me

    There weren’t any desserts included in the set menu, but no one had to miss out, because Jeremy surprised me with a large chocolate cake from the Chocolate Cake Company. It is so yummy! Very rich, so you can’t eat too much of it, but so tasty. We had a few bits left over after dinner, so we took them home and had them the day after.

    I had an amazing night, and I hope everyone who came to share the night with me did too. After dinner, I had planned to maybe go out for karaoke or something similar, but as always these days, the thought of going home for a good night’s sleep was far more tempting, so that’s exactly what we did!

    Next year, I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Sweden. Can’t wait!

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