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    Burger Wellington – Charley Noble & Burger Liquor

    September 8, 2016

    I sort of forgot to post about these two places after having their burgers during the Burger Wellington event. Rather than writing one post per place, I might as well combine them.

    Charley Noble was by far my favourite for the event. Their burger was absolutely delicious, and I was actually surprised it wasn’t a finalist. But I didn’t actually try any of the finalists, so maybe they were better, who knows. We went to Charley Noble after work on a Friday and it was BUSY. When I walked in I was told it would be about an hour to get a table. I didn’t mind so much, because I really wanted to try it.

    So I sat down at the bar and had a glass of wine, while Jeremy went for a walk to get his steps (he’s got a Fitbit). The waitress who was looking after me was really friendly and made sure I got a seat at the bar, and asked me if I wanted anything else while I waited.

    After I had been sitting there for around 45 minutes, I asked another waitress for an update and she told me the table was an hour away. I was confused. So I went back to the other waitress and she said she’d sort a table out straight away, and 2 minutes later I was sitting at a table. Her name is Ellie (or maybe Elly), keep an eye out for her if you go to Charley Noble, she’s awesome. Here’s the description of their burger.

    Charley’s Trap – Wagyu beef patty with trashcan gypsy-smoked Preston’s bacon, chimichurri, On Trays gruyère, truffled mayonnaise, cucumber pickle and salad (GF)

    The burger didn’t come with fries, so we ordered some on the side. When I first saw the burger, I thought it looked a bit plain, but boy was I wrong. It was so tasty, I could probably have had another one.


    I would rate the burger 9/10, only deducting a point because it didn’t come with fries and you had to pay extra for them. I really wish they would keep it on their menu, because I would definitely come back for more.

    The week after, Jeremy, Esme and I went to Burger Liquor to try their burger. We managed to get a table reasonably quickly because we went there straight after work. The burger didn’t take long to come out either. Here’s their description:

    Maggic Burger – Preston’s aged beef patty with onion dip, housemade agria chips, cheddar, salt ‘n’ vinegar pickles and Randwick Meats bacon jam in an Arobake brioche bun.


    I had mixed feelings about it to be completely honest. It was tasty, but at the same time I didn’t think it was anything special. Would I have it again if I could? Yeah, maybe, but it wouldn’t be the first burger I’d think of if someone asked me to recommend a burger. I think I’d score it 6/10.

    I really enjoyed the Burger Wellington event, but I think I’ll stay away from burgers for a while now!

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