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    I should be sleeping… #2

    September 25, 2016

    I should be sleeping, but I’m not feeling well. I’ve had a stomach ache all day and haven’t felt like eating or anything. No idea what’s wrong. It kind of feels like a hangover in a way, but I haven’t been drinking. Maybe it’s some sort of food poisoning. It’s pretty horrible. I really hope I’ll be able to sleep it off.

    I should be sleeping, but I’ve watched most of season 1 of Vikings instead. It’s a pretty good show! Quite a few people have recommended it to me, but it didn’t seem like it would be my kind of show. Now I know I really can’t make such a decision without at least giving it a go. I feel quite hooked now.

    I should be sleeping, but I’m thinking about what two property managers told us today. We’ve had them around to give us a free rent appraisal and to tell us about their company. We need to decide on a property manager pretty soon. Out of the two we had over today, I think we know who we’d go with. Now we just need to decide if we want to get any others in before making a decision.

    I should be sleeping, but I’m actually not tired. Probably because I’ve been resting most of the day, so although that wasn’t sleeping, it must have still preserved energy. I’m sure I’ll be able to fall asleep though, if I just put the computer down and turn the lights off.

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